V/A/20Years of Dischord(3CD+134P BOOK)
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DISCHORD RECORDSの20周年を記念してリリースした編集盤!

Disc One
1.Teen Idles /Get Up and Go
2.The Untouchables /Nic Fit
3.State of Alert /Public Defender
4.Minor Threat /Screaming at a Wall
5.Void /Dehumanized
6.Youth Brigade /Barbed Wire
7.Government Issue /Rock 'n' Roll Bullshit
8.Scream Fight/American Justice
9.Iron Cross /Live for Now
10.Red C /Pressure's On
11.Deadline /Stolen Youth
12.Artificial /Peace Suburban Wasteland
13.Faith /Subject to Change
14.Skewbald /Sorry/Change for the Same
15.Marginal Man /Missing Rungs
16.Gray Matter /Oscar's Eye
17.Rites of Spring /Drink Deep
18.Beefeater /Just Things
19.The Snakes /Snake Rap
20.Dag Nasty /Circles
21.Embrace /Money
22.Soulside /Punch the Geek
23.Egg Hunt /We All Fall Down
24.One Last Wish /This Time
25.Fire Party /Cake
26.Ignition /Rebuilding
27.Three /Domino Days
28.Shudder to Think /Red House
29.Happy Go Licky /Twist and Shout

Disc Two
1.Fugazi /Blueprint
2.Lungfish /Friend to Friend in Endtime
3.Fidelity Jones /Destructor
4.The Nation of Ulysses /Spectra Sonic Sound
5.Holy Rollers /Perfect Sleeper
6.Jawbox /Motorist
7.Severin /People are Wrong
8.The High-Back /Chairs Summer
9.Autoclave /I'll Take You Down
10.Circus Lupus /Pop Man
11.Branch Manager /Mr. Weekend
12.Slant 6 /What Kind of Monster Are You?
13.Hoover /Cable
14.Trusty Goodbye, /Dr. Fate
15.Smart Went Crazy /A Good Day
16.The Crownhate Ruin /Piss Alley
17.The Warmers /Poked it With a Stick
18.The Make-Up /They Live By Night
19.Bluetip/ Castanet
20.Faraquet /Cut Self Not
21.Q and Not U /Hooray for Humans

Disc Three (unreleased)
1.Teen Idles /Get Up and Go
2.Teen Idles /Deadhead
3.Untouchables/Stepping Stone
4.State Of Alert /Draw Blank
5.Minor Threat /Straight Edge (live)
6.Minor Threat /Understand
7.Government Issue /Snubbing
8.Government Issue /Asshole (with Ian)
9.Minor Threat /Asshole Dub
10.Youth Brigade /I Object
11.Rozzlyn Rangers /Rozzlyn Rangers
12.Void /Black, Jewish and Poor
13.Void /Authority (take 1 and 2)
14.Scream /Search for Employment
15.Deadline /No Revolution
16.Faith /No Choice
17.Marginal Man /Manipulator
18.Dag Nasty /All Ages Show
19.Fugazi /The Word
20.Fugazi /Burning (live)
21.Shudder to Think /Drop Dead Don't Blink
22.Circus Lupus /We Are The One (Rare)
23.Slant 6 /Are You Human?
24.Interview 6 live video clips (Teen Idles, Untouchables, S.O.A.,Faith, Void, and Deadline)